The Accessories Pack

The ultimate accessory pack for creating perfect pizza - Delivita
The ultimate accessory pack for creating perfect pizza - Delivita

This 'all you need' pack is handmade in Yorkshire and includes your very own pizza peel, oven prodder, dough scraper, pizza cutter and oven brush.

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    Ready to cook in 25 minutes
    Feed the whole party
    Take it anywhere
    Place on anything
    Ovens include a 5 year guarantee

    • Handmade in Yorkshire.

    • Responsibly sourced beech wooden handles.

    • Because we like to sell our handles how they come from the trees in natural beech wood, we advise you to oil your handle with a natural or teak oil.

    • Clean with a damp cloth.

    • Please do not place in the dishwasher.


    The Dough Scraper:
    Our handcrafted, natural-beech and stainless steel dough scraper is the perfect tool for professionally crafting and dividing your proofed dough. Manufactured traditionally in Yorkshire, the DELIVITA dough scraper is an essential tool for the budding Pizzaiolo.

    The Wooden Prodder:
    Our wooden prodder helps you manage a perfect burn in the DELIVITA wood fired oven and turn your pizza while in the oven.

    The Pizza Cutter:
    Our handmade pizza cutter is the right tool for effortlessly and quickly cutting your cooked pizza into slices.​

    The Oven Brush:
    Introducing our handmade oven brush to keep your wood fired oven base perfectly clean and in great condition.

    The Pizza Peel:
    Our 12" handmade pizza peel is the perfect pizza shovel when you want to move the pizza into and out of the oven like a true pizzaiolo.

    The Mini Axe:
    Crafted in Yorkshire, our mini axe is forged from high carbon steel.

    Please do not clean your utensils in the dishwasher, please use a damp cloth, we advise you to bring your utensils indoors after use.



    UK Mainland: £10
    UK Lower Scotland: £10
    UK Highlands: £10
    UK Offshore: £20
    Eire: £20

    No extra shipping cost is incurred if bought with an oven or bundle.

    Please contact us if you have any problems.