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If I haven't used my oven for a while, will it still be OK to use?

Absolutely, although it's a good idea to light a small fire to warm the oven slowly before you want to start cooking to 'cure' and fully dry out your oven again.

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Can I use my DeliVita oven all year round?

Absolutely - there are no set times as to when you should cook with wood burning ovens. 

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What accessories do I need to get started with my DeliVita oven?

To get started with your DeliVita oven you'll need:

  • Pizza Peel (to get the pizzas/food in/out of the oven). 
  • Pizza Cutter (essential for cutting pizza). 
  • Small Axe (useful for cutting kindling). 
  • DeliVita Cover (essential if you leave your oven out all year round and to keep it dry in the rain). 
  • Stainless Steel Brush (a useful tool to help you position the logs and to keep the oven floor clean).
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How do I clean the stainless steel frontage?

For a perfect finish and to avoid damage to the stainless steel finish, just use baby oil or stainless steel cleaner using lint free cotton cloth. 

This video will provide you with a demonstration of how to maintain your DeliVita oven.

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How long does it take to cook a pizza?

Depending on the temperature of the oven, between 60-90 seconds.

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How do you not burn the pizza?

To make the perfect pizza, you should keep turning the pizza away from the flames every 10-12 seconds, allowing a full rotation of the pizza. 

Top Tip - After each pizza scrub the oven floor with the steel brush to remove any burnt remains of the excess flour/semolina from the pizza base. 

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How do I stop my pizza base from going black/burning?

There can be two reasons for this:

  • The oven is too hot; don’t use more than 3 logs of 8-10cm wide and 22-26cm.

  • There may be surplus flour/semolina remains on the oven floor. Scrub the oven floor with the steel brush to remove the surplus flour. 
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How do I clean the outside of my DeliVita oven?

For a perfect finish and to avoid damage, just use a damp cloth with soapy water.

If there are deep scratches, you can use wet & dry cloth or T-cut from your local car accessory store. 

This video will provide you with a demonstration of how to maintain your DeliVita oven.

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How much does a DeliVita oven weigh?

A DeliVita oven weighs 30kg. We have designed the ovens with handles for easy manoeuvrability.

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Where are DeliVita ovens made?

We are proud of our birthplace! DeliVita ovens and stands are made in Yorkshire.

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How long can I use my DeliVita oven for?

The oven has been tested for 3-4 hours, you can produce over 100 pizzas over that time. 

It has been produced for domestic use or small catering parties, not necessarily for commercial use.

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What happens if I have cracks within my DeliVita oven?

As DeliVita ovens are made from natural products, hairline cracks will occur. Within your starter kit you receive a repair kit. 

Follow the instructions; by simply mixing the compound with some water, this will patch up the hairline cracks.  

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Can I position the DeliVita oven indoors or inside my garage?

No. The oven must never be positioned in an enclosed area because the smoke and fumes must be allowed to escape properly.

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Why is my pizza base sticking to the oven floor?

First of all, remember to sprinkle flour onto your pizza peel and make sure your preparation area is floured well.

Don’t wait too long to cook after adding your topping to the dough as it could start to soak it up and become sticky.

Make sure you don’t have any holes or thin spots in your pizza base as these can allow moisture to penetrate and cause sticking.

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Why am I getting lots of black smoke?

Make sure you are using properly seasoned hardwood, ideally with a moisture content of less than 20%. This type of wood burns hotter for longer periods and produces very little smoke and ash.