Welcome to the Family Blue Diamond ...

The Blue Diamond DeliVita wood-fired oven is here and ready to set the outdoor cooking arena alight with it’s unique shimmering design, and ability to cook gastronomic dishes. Perfect to cheer anyone up during ‘lockdown’.

The DeliVita wood-fired oven has become synonymous with quality and style, not to mention its ability to cook versatile flavoured feasts that are unique to cooking with wood fires.   

Thinking things couldn’t get anymore stylish; think again. We've just launched a brand new colour to our already cool and contemporary range!  Make room for the Blue Diamond oven.

This gorgeous deep blue oven is simply stunning, the rich colour literately pops in any setting.  What’s truly unique about the oven is that it literately shimmers and shines.  It’s sparkly outer case, adds glitz and glamour to any outdoor space. According to Ideal Home (2019) the DeliVita wood-fired oven “is one of the most beautiful ovens out there”, wait until they see this one. 

Combining modern technology with an artisan interior, the DeliVita is handcrafted in England and provides customers with a real sense of individuality.   Each oven is made and assembled by a dedicated team of craftsmen. 

The interior comprises of handcrafted clay composite and a deep refractory stone base, encased in high-tech insulation and a thick polished fibreglass shell, and a marine stainless steel frontage.

This DeliVita weighs in at just 30kg and reaches temperatures of 450 degrees.  Cooking with flames gives amazing wood fired flavours, not to mention hours of fun and entertainment for all the family.  It allows both foodies and professional chefs to create amazing dishes with meats, fish, vegetables, breads and of course authentic pizzas. Buy the Blue Diamond