Chef and Owner Francois Geurds of Rotterdam’s 2 Michelin-starred FG Restaurant, invited DeliVita & 200 ֯ Fahrenheit to join him in his kitchen and the results were divine……

While in Rotterdam, DeliVita & 200 ֯ Fahrenheit had the pleasure to team up with chef Geurds to create some delectable dishes; from succulent steaks to scrumptious shrimps.

Born in Brabant, Francois Geurds was in the kitchen before he could walk creating dishes with his mother, Ivy.  From this early age it was obvious that Francois had inherited his mother’s culinary genes.  As his passion for cooking grew, he set out on a journey to learn from the best culinary masters, to one day set up his own restaurant.

It was in February of 2009, that Geurds was finally able to open his own restaurant, FG Restaurant.  With his bold inventions and mouth-watering combinations it wasn’t long before (9 months to be precise) his restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, with the second following in 2013.

We popped along to the restaurant to witness this culinary master cook up a storm in his very own DeliVita wood-fired oven and this is what he had to say;

You can easily control this oven, so that’s the main advantage of this woodfired oven.

It’s a good sized oven so you can practically do anything with it. Like bread, sourdough bread, yes we use this a lot.

Every chef loves fire, cooking with fire, I don’t think I’m the only one, this is truly fantastic!  

FG Restaurant was also awarded “Best Restaurant in region Zuid-Holland in 2017 and 2018”.  We’d like to wish him continued success for 2020, and hope to visit him in the not so distant future.