BBQ Is Best

There’s a reason why we dig out the barbecues at the first sight of summer.

Eating outside is quite simply good for the soul! The opportunity to cook outside brings families and friends together and there’s nothing quite like firing up an outdoor oven or barbecue on a warm summer’s evening.

And that’s before we even get round to food!

Outdoor cooking is remarkably healthy too. Whether you choose lean chicken, fresh fish, juicy steaks or healthy vegetables like corn on the cob, they will all cook to perfection.

The unique taste of barbecued food is intensified with the DeliVita. Wood-fired food has a sweet caramalised taste and there’s something magical about seeing food disappear into the flame-filled ovens and re-appearing moments later ready to eat.

We promise you that a sour dough pizza or a jacket potato cooked in wood fired oven is something you – or your guests – will never forget.